Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Serious Wimpage

So I made it.

I have to tell you, the Tokyo to New York flight is looooooong. It's weird - the first couple of times you make an international flight, it doesn't seem that bad (didn't for me, anyway) because it's kind of exciting and different and you're willing to put up with the no-legroom seats and icky airline food. But by the fourth or fifth flight? Not so much. It's kind of a 'here we go again' scenario. No thrill to alleviate the drag.

But that's not what I'm wimping about. It's COLD in New York!!! Yes, I was coddled a bit this year by Tokyo's very warm winter, but DANG! I stepped out of the airport and wanted to go right back inside. And that's after the 14-hour flight. Yeah, serious wimpage.

Of course, tomorrow I'm going shopping, so I will bravely face the cold. You know they have this huge Filene's Basement right by Union Station with a DSW right in the same building?! I am so there.

Which just goes to show you, if the incentive is great enough, any wimpage can be overcome.