Friday, March 02, 2007

Wings to fly?

The Women's Ski Jumping team is in Sapporo this week! Go USA!

Did you know that the US team features some of the top Nordic Ski Jumpers IN THE WORLD?! I have seen them compete. These women are truly amazing.

And yet...

The IOC still holds to their misguided notion that Women's Ski Jumping is not "ready" for the Olympics. Are they insane??? The idea that the sport is too 'young' and that the committee has to 'watch' it is ridiculous. Nordic Ski Jumping has been an Olympic sport for nearly a century. For men, that is. Not for women.

Discriminate much?

The Olympic Committee is not just watching to see how the sport progresses, they are watching to see what kind of ratings women can draw. Ratings = money = the bottom line. No ratings, no event. Shame on them.

Women deserve an opportunity to compete in the Olympics, just like the men. It's time for the IOC to step into the new millenium and give women equal opportunities in ALL sports.