Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School, Back to Reality

So... schools back in.

Friday night we went to Coffman High School's first football game. Wow. I mean, wow. We went to ASIJ's football games while we were in Japan, but it's been years since I've been to a real live American high school football game! It was fantastic, including the fact that Coffman won.

In Japan, we didn't have the stadium lights, no marching band, no big bleachers. In Ohio, football is a big deal. There were news crews, bright lights, halftime shows, you name it. Oh, and some pretty spectacular football. They've got guys on the team who have already been tapped by Big Ten colleges before they've even played their senior year. Impressive.

And you should have seen the band. We live in the shadow of OSU, where the marching band has a long history and tradition for being the best. (I remember going to my first OSU football game - I actually choked up when I saw the script Ohio in person!)

It's been a long, busy summer, but there's a new kind of energy in the air. School has started. It just feels right.