Thursday, December 20, 2007

Enough Spears Already!

I think we should declare a moratorium on all Spears-related "news" reporting in 2008. No matter what you think of Brittney and Jamie-Lynn's behavior, wouldn't it be nice to not have to hear about them every time you turn on the news or get on the Internet?

Yes, it is morbidly fascinating, Brittney's loooong, tragic, and very public train wreck of a life. And there's a certain amount of ew! factor in Jamie Lynn's announcement (specifically, the fact that her boyfriend and daddy of the baby could actually be charged with statutory rape in many states, that the Zoey 101 star already sold the first photo shoot of her poor, innocent kid for a million bucks and the laughable, but very sad idea of Mama Spears writing a parenting book...) but really? Do we have to plaster it all over the media?

Well not here. After this post, I hereby declare this blog a Spears-free zone!