Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm so LOST

I can't even express how eagerly anticipated the premier of Season 4 of LOST was in our house. Since we didn't get it consistently in Japan, I had chosen to wait until season 3 was out on DVD to watch it. My dear son gave it to me for Christmas, as a matter of fact. We watched in a marathon, glued to the big screen TV and then screamed in frustration when the last DVD ended. That meant we had to wait FOUR WEEKS for more LOST.

I will admit that I was a wee bit (okay a LOT) disappointed that the first hour of the two-hour premier was eaten up by a lackluster review. We didn't need to review! But the first hour of Season 4??? Yessssss.

I should tell you that I LOVE Hurley. That we spent so much time with him this episode was a bonus. Oh, and I was so happy to see Charlie again, even though he's dead.

But now I want more!!! No, I NEED more! How can I wait a week for the next episode? Who are the Oceanic Six? We know Jack, Kate and Hurley... who else? And how? Hurley went with Locke. What happens when the rescuers get to the island?

And most importantly, will the writers' strike end before we exhaust the next seven episodes and are plunged into limbo again? Oh please, oh please, oh please...