Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Office Space

So, I was quickly browsing through my favorite blogs on Google Reader (quickly because I am on deadline, but taking a short regrouping break) and I came across this post by TFC sister Sarah Zarr.

I love getting a glimpse at where other authors create, so I'm taking a moment to share mine. Sarah will be linking workspace photos on her blog if you're interested in seeing others. Here's my work space, complete with my constant companion, Kali. I work out of my home, though there are some days I would love to rent an office space so that I wouldn't be interrupted by phone calls, Kali's nature calls, munchie calls from the kitchen and that sort of thing. I do feel lucky, though, to have a real live office. For years, I wrote in the corner of our family room or wherever I could take my laptop and escape. Well, I still do that escape with the laptop thing, but at least now I have a consistent workspace to come back to.

FWIW, even though I'm at home, unless I'm on deadline (now!) I seldom work in my pajamas, but I do work in my slippers!