Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haley is Hijacking!

Hey guys! This is Haley, Linda's daughter. I'm a music-junkie who -cross your fingers- will someday be on Broadway. (you wanna know a secret? my mom said I was who she had in mind for Cassidy, the main character in her next series -comes out in 2011)

It's 'take your child to work day' so my mom is having me do her dirty work, which includes hijacking her blog for the day while she dances to Vogue.

Okay, so I guess todays post is supposed to be the 'Whats up-Wednesday' post, even though its Thursday...? :) But anyways! This weeks winner of Amy Brecount White's Forget Her Nots is... *drum roll please*


Woohoo! Congrats! Send mailing instructions to gerb(@)lindagerber(.)com and be sure to put "winner" as the subject, because otherwise, believe me- it'll get lost in her inbox.

Make sure to come back TOMORROW to enter the drawing for a special edition THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY mini glass slipper! (its really cool!)

Okay, so im totally creeping on my moms other posts and im stealing her idea...

on the iPod: Tell it to the Volcano by Miniature Tigers

WHAT A KOINKADINK! I was just googling pictures from the whole volcano thing happening in Europe! Kudos to 'dailymail' for the most insanely cool picture of the Iceland volcano like ever.
For some reason, looking at this picture kinda made me miss school. Before you write me off as a nerd (which i kind of am actually) let me explain that the reason it does is because at the top of the picture it looks like a big thunder cloud, called, wait for it...

CUMULONIMBUS!(we are on our cloud unit in science)

So, for all my fellow music fans out there, the other day GLEE made me giggle with the whole Madonna theme. And I know that he is just dating Rachel as a spy... but I am in love with Jesse! He is so dang cute! (even if it is fake...)

In other news, my mom said that she is going to take our mangos on a date...? Yeaa, she needs more sleep. But then again, so do most people in America! for example- tracy kool aid... enjoy :)

haha, "gonna meet peter at the perkk! these crusty-crusts i got!"

Well, I'm going to go now. :) Have a great day!

-Haley :)