Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maurice Sendak and Other Writerly Links

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Maurice Sendak brought a wild rumpus to my house. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was one of my kids' favorite books because it was strange and different and wildly (ha) entertaining (plus I had to read it with sound effects, gnashing my terrible teeth and roaring my terrible roar). We often checked out Really Rosie from our small library and sang along to CHICKEN SOUP WITH RICE and PIERRE. We dreamed along with Mickey IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN.

Even though it's been years since we've read or watched any of the above, Maurice Sendak's characters and quotes became a part of our family culture. He was honest, irreverent, and thoroughly unique. He will be missed.

Here's some Sendak love from around the Internets:

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This Week's Writing Links:

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Why Writers Should Seriously Consider Pinterest (Jody Hedlund) (Psst... You can find me there

Now go read a great Sendak book, and then WRITE!