Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arrrr, as it were...

Ahoy, me hearties. Are ye all knowin what day it be? Aye, by the powers! 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day. To me way o' thinkin, tis no better time to be discussin yon Pirates movies.

I be what ye might be callin a Johnny Depp groupie, so it wounds me heart to admit I were not pleased wi' the second movie. The first? Aye, that were a fine piece o' work. The writing were tight. The acting superb. Wi' many a flutter o' me heart I awaited the second. But, alas. It were a sorry thing. Me dear Johnny were more a squiffy than a buccanneer. The plot were silly an' all o'er the place. Were it not for the great, grand special effects, Davey Jones, and the Swamp Witch, I'd not ha'e liked it at all, nae, not one wit.

Now, afore ye all want te keehaul me sorry hide, I'll tell ye, I still love Cap'n Jack, saavy? An' I do intend wi' the same fluttering o' me heart to watch the third installment, but there ye ha'e it.

What thought ye? Were Dead Man's Chest as good as the original Pirates?

Happy Day, mateys.