Monday, October 09, 2006

Finland - IMAGES

Digital cameras are the greatest. I can't even imagine how expensive it would have been to pay for the film and developing for all the pictures I took while I was in Finland. I must have looked like a total tourist nut, because I took pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING I found interesting - which was A LOT. I do wish that I could post all the pictures, but alas - bandwidth being what it is, I'll just show you a few of the images I think make up Helsinki's character...

Helsinki is big on statues and sculptures. Some of them, like this near the Esplanade have an almost Socialist feel to them. Very Power-to-the-workers. Others, like this sculpture of composer Jean Sibeleus, celebrate national heroes.

Another Helsinki feature is the Kauppatori, an outdoor marketplace in the harbor. Check out how some vendors just dock their boats to sell their wares.

For us more modern-type shoppers, Helsinki features at least three big malls - Itäkeskus (the largest mall in Scandinavia,) Forum,and Kämp Galleria, in addition to the major department stores, Stockmann's and Sokos. Here are some images of Kämppi - the front courtyard with its sculpture, and an equally artistic-looking interior - looking up from the first floor.

Look at what they have in the post office! These are bars of Fazer chocolate, complete with special cardboard envelopes in which to send them. The idea is that if someone you know is sick or sad or happy or having a birthday or whatever, you can send them a bar of chocolate to let them know you are thinking of them. You gotta love a country that knows the importance of chocolate!

And last, but not least, where else can you see Moose Crossing signs within just a few kilometers of a metropolis?

Only in Finland...