Thursday, May 17, 2007

Idol Surprise?

Thanks to the magic of Slingbox, we were able to watch the American Idol final three results show last night. Sadly, we watched Melinda Doolittle take her final bow - which she predictably handled with class and with grace.

Do I think Melinda was consistently the best vocalist this season? Absolutely. Was I surprised to see her eliminated? Truly? No.

All over the internet we're seeing articles referring to her ouster as "shocking." However (IMO) the result show - much like the entire season - lacked the kind of suspense that would render anything "shocking." Not only was this season just not that exciting, but by now we should all know that it isn't necessarily about who's best, it's about who gets the most votes. And Melinda's camp just wasn't as large as Jordin's and Blake's.

The good news is that Melinda should have a stellar career, with or without the Idol nod. She's just that good (And look at Chris Daughtry. His elimination last year really was a shocker, but he's far surpassed either Katherine or, um, whatsisname in the year since.)

So who do you want to win next week? Blake, with his beat boxing and awesome performance style or Jordin, with her pipes and likability?

Neither one would be a surprise.