Friday, August 15, 2008

FREEBIE FRIDAY - The Countdown Continues

Happy Friday, everyone!!! Welcome to this week's DEATH BY LATTE GIVEAWAY!

Wow... Lots of stuff happening this week.

I hope that you get a chance to peek below this post at the interview with Megan Kelly Hall, author of SISTERS OF MISERY. Megan's is the first of several author interviews I'll be bringing you in the coming months.

School is about to start!!! Has school begun where you are? Some of the kids in our area go back Monday, my kids are back in school the 25th. I am counting down the days...

The OLYMPICS! Yah! Have you been watching? How about that Michael Phelps?!? Phenomenal!

Not so phenomenal: the disgraceful switcheroo at the opening ceremonies. Yang Peiyi's voice was heard singing 'Ode to the Motherland,' but China's Olympic organizers didn't think she was perfect enough to be seen on stage, so another little girl got to stand in the spotlight, lip synching to Yang Peiyi's voice, taking the accolades and the bows. I hope they will allow Yang Peiyi to sing at the closing ceremonies. As herself. You can sign a petition on her behalf here.

Reactions to Stephenie Meyer's BREAKING DAWN are all over the charts. Looks like readers either accept out of loyalty, love, or really hate this last installment to the TWILIGHT series. Anyone here read it yet? What did you think?

Oh, and Aphra has begun to twitter... And watch for Kelly Parra's upcoming SECRET FATES Extravaganza wherein Aphra will be revealing secrets, leading up to...

The release of DEATH BY LATTE - just over a month away!!!

Which brings us to this week's FREEBIE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY. To be entered to win an advanced copy of DEATH BY LATTE and a really cool book thong, leave me a reply telling me what's new with your week.

Entries open until TUESDAY. Have a great weekend!

Game on!