Friday, August 29, 2008

FREEBIE FRIDAY - Counting Down. For Real!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm sorry I'm getting a late start... it's almost five here! My apologies... Lots going on today.

As I promised, this week's FREEBIE FRIDAY comes with a surprise and a twist. First, for the surprise... Now that we have finished the edits and the next installment in the DEATH BY series is on its way, I am happy to unveil the cover art for next spring's DEATH BY DENIM! The pockets with the skulls are the cutouts. Too cute, right?! Did I tell you how much I love the designers? They are the best!

Now for twist number one... with less than three weeks to go until the release of DEATH BY LATTE, I'm gearing up for another super cyber release party, with tons of author visits and book giveaways and other fun swag. The party for DEATH BY BIKINI was fabulous... and this time around, we want to share the love! The party will begin on Thursday, September 18 and run through the weekend. So, for your chance to win an advanced copy of DEATH BY LATTE and a Starbucks gift card, help me get the word out! If you have a blog, facebook and/or myspace, post an announcement. Send me the link to your post to be entered.

Twist number two... there will be five winners drawn this week.

Twist number three... you get a bonus entry if any of your friends show up in the comments and tell me you sent them. PLUS they can be entered, too.

Because of the long weekend and because I was so late posting today, this Freebie will remain open until Thursday, September 4th.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!