Thursday, April 23, 2009

Late Post: WINNERS

hey guys... u dont really know me, but this is Haley<3 - i'm Linda Gerber's daughter... its take ur child 2 work day 2day, n her eyes r like screwd up n she cant really like sit in front of the screen 4 long w/o like flippin out, so i gotta do this stuff 4 her- woohoo!! Lol, n i cant really say much... but i will tell that im gonna b her 'secret consultant' on one of her upcoming "projects", lol- hows that 4 a teaser?? But anyway, my mama says that if she owes u an email, then she sry... n she'll have me get back 2 u soon.

and now- the moment u guys actually care about; THE WINNERS!!! **claps n cheers from the audience** lol, kk, so the winner of the Jennifer O'Connel books r : Judy Bloome= Marjolein, Rich Boyz= robin_titan, n Local Girlz= bridget3420!!!!! WOO WOO!!!! nice goin peeps... :-D n then the winner 4 the freebie friday bonus thing is Mitzy...