Wednesday, October 07, 2009

WInner and What's Up Wednesday

Kind of glad we're halfway through the week... I already need a weekend! This will tell you how overbooked I am... it's 4:30 p.m. and I am just now getting online - for the first time today. Okay, so that may not sound horrible to you, but truly - for me, that's drastic.

What's up this week?

It's fall! Seriously. One day it was summer and then next the leaves are swirling down around me and there's frost on the ground when I walk the doggie in the morning. When did that happen?

This weekend we had our first ever SCBWI conference here in Columbus. I got to hang with a bunch of fabulous writer friends and meet up again with editor Kaylan Adair, who is made of awesome. Did you know editor Ruta Rimas is a dead ringer for Kirstin Dunst? It's true!

My book-blogging friends are contending with a new FTC ruling regarding "endorsements" and disclosure that basically holds them to a different set of regulations than magazines and newspapers. Not cool.

The first swine flu vaccines hit the market this week. Anyone here planning on getting vaccinated? I'm still on the fence about it. But not because I'm afraid of piggies. Not at all. In fact, I love the newest pet craze in the UK - micropigs. I am not kidding. Teacup-sized pigs. But aren't they cute?

Registration opened for the next season of America's Got Talent. Does anyone even watch that show?

I actually watch (via recaps on youtube) X Factor - on which the top 12 was just announced. Anyone else watch that one? What do you think of Danyl advancing despite a couple of reeeaaally bad performances? (I actually liked him a lot but thought some of the other contestants deserved it more. *shrug*

And finally - it's time to announce the winner of Marissa Doyle's BETRAYING SEASON. And that person is.... *drumroll*


Congratulations, Kelsey! Please send your mailing instructions to gerb @ lindagerber . com and we'll get that sent out to you!

Everyone else, thanks for playing. I loved thinking about the various time periods you suggested. Be sure to get in on this week's MG Monday - Kate Coombs's RUNAWAY DRAGON. That drawing will remain open until Friday.

And don't miss the next Freebie Friday featuring Lisa Mangum's THE HOURGLASS DOOR.

See you Friday!