Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winner and Tough News

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A lot happening this week, but I'm mostly consumed with the Borders bankruptcy and the earthquake in New Zealand. Mostly feeling helpless about both. We are losing two Borders stores here in the Columbus area. I had just stopped into the Dublin store a few weeks ago to sign stock and the employees there could not have been nicer. What a blow. One of the ladies from the store told me this week that most of them found out about the closings the same time as everyone else - and on the news. She has worked for Borders for fifteen years, but with the restructuring, she won't receive any severance. The employees are reeling. Authors are reeling. Long time customers are reeling. This is not a happy time.

Meanwhile, my New Zealand friends are all accounted for, but the same can't be said of hundreds of people still missing in Christchurch. Most of us are too far away to be able to physically help the people devastated by this earthquake, but here is a list of avenues to donate: tvnz donations list.

And with that, I'm signing off for a week or so. I need to focus on getting this next manuscript in shape and off to my editor, so no Freebie Friday this week.

Wish me luck getting it done!