Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winner and What's Up This Week

The winner of HEAD GAMES by Keri Mikulski is:

Cherie J

Please send your mailing instructions to gerb (@) lindagerber (.) com and we'll get that sent out to you. Everyone else, come on back tomorrow for a doubleheader freebie!

What else is going on today?

Snowpocalypse (Chicago Tribune) Here in Ohio, we're recovering from winter's one two punch - first an ice storm, then snow and high winds that knocked out power to over 10,000 of us. Not fun, but even though my driveway's been converted into an ice rink, we're lucky to have full power restored and school back on today. I know a lot in the Midwest didn't escape so easily. Check out the link for an eerie image of Chicago's Lake View Drive.

Conference Recap (SCBWI blog) If you're an SCBWI member and missed the Winter Conference, great recaps and a lot of wisdom to be found on their blog. Anyone planning on going to the LA conference in August? Drop me a note. I'll be there!

Authors in Egypt (SLJ) Hope they get home safely!

More on Egypt (Washington Post) Answering kids' questions

Books and Bullying (SLJ) It's a good list, but by no means complete.

Reading Black History (the Hub) More book suggestions.

Save our Libraries Day (The Guardian UK) We need one of these in the US!

More on e-books (PW) Amazon ups its edge.

Happy release week to: Valerie Sherrard (ACCOMPLICE and THE GLORY WIND), Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams (CLOSER: TUNNELS), Andrew Lane (DEATH CLOUD), Lauren Oliver (DELIRIUM), Mary Hooper (FALLEN GRACE), Jana Oliver (THE DEMON TRAPPER'S DAUGHTER), Joy Preble (HAUNTED), Tomas Mournian (HIDDEN), Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin (JENNA & JONAH'S FAUXMANCE), Walter Dean Myers & Ross Workman (KICK), Kathleen Benner Duble (PHANTOMS IN THE SNOW), Michael Northrop (TRAPPED), Joan Bauer (CLOSE TO FAMOUS), Philana Marie Boles (GLITZ), Stacey Jay (THE LOCKET), Helen Bailey (RUNNING IN HEELS)!

This week's video link - because it's never too early to think Superbowl: