Thursday, December 07, 2006

ZEN is Launched!

It's official. NOW AND ZEN has been launched!

Thanks to super ultra mega cool librarian at ASIJ, Mr. Swist, we celebrated the book at a Book Launch Lunch in the library. We ate pizza, talked about the book and had a great time (at least I did...)

This was extra fun for me because I had based Nori's fictional school on ASIJ and some of the students I know there, but also a little bit scary, for the same reasons. I mean, these people know Japan. If I made any mistakes, they'd be sure to catch them, right?

And you know what? They did.

Well, actually, I caught one of them... you know where Nori has just arrived at Baba and Jiji's house, and Baba tells her to wear her slippers indoors to protect the tatami floors? Well, that's not completely accurate. Most Japanese wear slippers in the house, but would remove them to enter a tatami room.

The other is completely embarassing. I somehow spaced it through writing, rewriting and the entire editing process and wrote that the Hachiko statue is the favorite meeting place in Shinjuku. Um, no. Hachiko Square is located in Shibuya. The entire scene took place in Shibuya. How could I have written Shinjuku?! Unbelievable.

But other than that face-reddening moment, the launch was fantastic. Here I am with the winners of two signed copies of NOW AND ZEN. (Special shout out to my favorite Question Girl!)

Thanks again, Mr. Swist and ASIJ!