Thursday, January 10, 2008


Can you hear me screaming? What is up with the IOC??? Once again, they have stubbornly refused to even listen to the growing number of voices asking them to revisit the women ski jump event decision. Once again, they cite their rules and criteria, conveniently forgetting the fact that they have disregarded that same criteria for inclusion of other events.

In a statement issued yesterday, the IOC reiterated in no uncertain terms that it's their ball and they get to decide who plays. In fact, they seem to be getting a little huffy about the whole issue. Emmanuelle Moreau, a spokeswoman for the IOC, said it was "inappropriate and misleading" for people to suggest that the IOC is discriminating against the ski jumpers on the basis of sex.

I find it inappropriate and misleading for the IOC to continue to cry "technical merit" when they have accepted other events that do not meet this same criteria. On what basis are they able to bend the rules for some athletes and not others? What would they lose by allowing women ski jumpers in the Olympics???

A News 1130 story this morning stated, "Experts warn women ski jumpers to walk carefully on this subject, suggesting diplomacy is key in dealing with the IOC."

In other words, play their way, or they'll take their ball and go home.

I never did like playing with those kinds of bullies.