Friday, January 04, 2008

The Irony and the Ecstacy

Hey, IOC... are you awake??? Did you see Lindsey Van set the 90M hill record? Did you notice she was jumping at the Callaghan Valley ski jumping complex - venue for the 2010 Olympics? Did you take note of the attention this event has received? No?


In the inaugural jump competition at the Callaghan Valley hills, Lindsey Van took first, setting a 90M hill record of 105.5 meters. Teammate Jessica Jerome came in second, flying 102 meters. On the 120M, Van sailed 128.5 meters and Jerome jumped 118. These are Olympic-worthy performances at an Olympic venue. How ironic and shameful that the IOC still claims the women are not ready to compete at the Olympics.

Message to the IOC - get with the program. We the public are watching and we are Not Happy.