Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Book and Chocolate Winner!

Hi, guys! It's a wet Wednesday here in Dublin. I'm behind - I intended to draw the winner yesterday. But I have a valid excuse - I'm leaving for Tokyo in the morning and I'm rushing to get things ready before I go. I didn't even watch the debate last night. Although I did find time to watch (again) the SNL take on the Palin/Biden debate last week. Tina Fey is fabulous!

This has nothing to do with the debates or the freebie or anything, but I saw an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune (thanks Ypulse) that talked about how high schoolers aren't necessarily taking dates to dances anymore. I know several people here - guys and girls - who didn't do the date thing for homecoming a couple of weeks ago. Is this a trend? What's it like where you are? Just curious.

Meanwhile, the winner of this week's Freebie Friday drawing is:


Please send me a note at gerb at lindagerber dot com and let me know your mailing address and which book you would prefer. Note - since I'm leaving in the morning, if I see your address, I'll get this out today, but if not, please be patient and I'll get it sent out as soon as I get back.

One last note: I am finally all caught up on sending everything out. If you have won something in the past couple of weeks and it hasn't arrived, please let me know asap. We did have a couple of post office problems this last month. One of them was my fault for addressing the package wrong (duh!) but the other two bounced for reasons unknown. I just want to make sure everyone gets what they were supposed to!