Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghost Story - Marley Gibson

Today's ghost story is extra cool... Agency sister Marley Gibson is going to be on the Biography Channel tonight will actual film footage of hers! You'll want to keep an eye on Marley - the first book in her GHOST HUNTRESS series comes out next year. This story happened while she was researching for the series.

When the sale of my upcoming series, GHOST HUNTRESS, was announced, I was blown away by how many people wanted to tell me their ghost story. Who knew? This person's grandmother had a ghost, that one's uncle had a spirit in his office, another one saw an apparition on a dark road, and others reported angels and deceased relatives in hosital rooms and during raging storms.

I love hearing people's ghost stories and love learning of their experiences. I have to say that I didn't necessarily believe in or think about ghosts before I started doing research for the GHOST HUNTRESS series. Sure, I liked the paranormal movies and books and such, but I hadn't really considered the possibilities of having contact with another dimension.

Over the past year and a half, my husband, Mike, and I have gone to a lot of haunted locations in the name of research for my book. We've had a lot of personal experiences, gotten a lot of unknown voice recordings on our digital recorder, and we've each been touched when no one else was present. However, the most compelling evidence we have to date is that of our "ball
video" from Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky that we captured this summer.

Waverly Hills was a tuberculosis hospital from 1929 through the early 1960s. Over 63,000 (yes, you read that right) people died there over the years. Men, women, and children. See, when a family member contracted the disease, the whole family would have to move into the sanitarium because of how contageous the disease was. Because of this, many well children came down with tuberculosis, as well, and eventually died. Very sad.

Mike and I were on the third floor of the sanitarium. It was a hot, hot July night in Kentucky. The only sounds were that of our fellow investigators, the chirping cicadas outside, and the UPS planes overhead. The place has no electricity and there was no wind or breeze that night. As we were walking down the hallway, we encountered two balls on the floor. A red one and a blue one. Much to our surprise, the larger blue one was rolling around the smaller red one. We had heard stories that visitors to the place would bring balls for the spirit children to play with. Who knew we'd actually see it move?

For fifteen minutes, we sat there and watched this ball move freely between Mike and me. It would roll to him, change directions and then roll to me. Then, it would roll around me and bump up against me. Clearly this wasn't just the wind blowing it, because there was no wind. Additionally, the floor was completely level and there was no way it was causing the ball to
move around. Finally it hit me! Turn the video camera on! Which we did. And we got twenty minutes of footage of me talking to what we believe was the spirit of a child as this ball moved around and back and forth between us.

At one point, the ball goes shooting into another room. I get up to retrieve it and as I'm bring it back in, I can feel something literally tugging it out of my hand. I mention that on the video and when I played my audio recorder back (a week later), I heard a disembodied voice that
said, "Hey, hey, let go."

Through some networking in the "paranormal community" and a lot of people hearing of our experience, we were recommended to a producer for a new TV show that A&E was putting together called MY GHOST STORY. It's a show about real people, not ghost hunters, and their paranormal experiences that have been caught on video. They were really impressed with the ball video and they flew us out to LA to interview us for the show. Fortunately, we made the cut for the premiere (7 stories out of 22 were chosen!) and TONIGHT the show will air on A&E's Biography Channel at 10:00 p.m. ET. If you'd like to see the ball video, please tune in then and check out our interview and footage. It's pretty amazing!

So, this Halloween you have a ghost story to tell? What's yours?

Hope you'll watch MY GHOST STORY tonight!! Drop me a line and let me know what you thought of it.

Marley = )