Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chat with Jonathan Friesen!

Wondering what to do with yourself on Thursday evening as you 're waiting for the midnight showing of the Twilight movie? Check this out - Jonathan Friesen, Author of JERK, CALIFORNIA, will be chatting live at The Knight Agency chat room on Thursday, Nov. 20th @ 9pm ET!

Jonathan Friesen is the author of the novel, JERK, CALIFORNIA (Penguin/Speak, September 2008). Like the main character in his book, Jonathan has had to learn to live with Tourette Syndrome. Here's what Booklist had to say about his debut:

"Sam and his story are quixotic in the best possible way: he is a good-hearted dreamer trying to do right by his dulcinea. Debut author Friesen has Tourette syndrome, and he brings complexity and nuance to Sam's struggle for understanding and self-acceptance. The pacing is leisurely, but like any good road story, there are enough corners and bends to keep readers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead at the journey's end."

You have to sign up with a user name and password to enter the TKA CHAT ROOM, and you must have a Java-enabled browser in order to chat, so be prepared.

See you there!