Friday, November 28, 2008


Every Thanksgiving, my family and I go out to see a movie. Since we have kids of varied ages, the selection process is kind of tricky - it has to be something that we think everyone will like. This year we went to see Australia.


Whoever made the movie trailer did a great job because they managed to find the 90 seconds of compelling footage in the movie and make it look as though the whole thing had potential. In reality, we were stuck with nearly three hours of really bad dialog, weird acting and fake-looking sets that looked like they came from those old 50's movies (maybe that was intentional, I don't know.) Even Hugh Jackman couldn't save this one.

We were entertained mostly by my ten-year-old's running commentary and his groans of boredom at the most inopportune moments. Oh, and the elderly gentleman behind us who snored through the whole thing. In short, Australia was supremely bad.

Just for fun, for this week's FREEBIE FRIDAY, tell me about the worst movie you've ever seen. Keep it PG-rated (even if the movie wasn't...) The winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card to buy a really great movie to make up for your bad movie experience.

Let the tales begin!