Friday, November 06, 2009

Freebie Friday - Viral Videos

Happy Friday! We are without our guest interviewee today, so we're going just have a little fun for today's Freebie Friday. Up for grabs is a $15 Borders gift card. (If you haven't noticed, Borders has recently tried pumping up their teen selections with Borders Ink. Don't know how it will work out for them, but gotta give them props for trying.)

In the first book of my new series, my MC has to deal with a video of hers going viral. So, today's freebie is all about sharing our favorite viral videos. I love the e-Trade baby, but for my selection, I've got to go with one a little more recent - Christopher Walken reading Poker Face. What are your favorites? Include the link in your reply to be entered to win!