Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winner and What's Up Wednesday

Thanks for all the video links. Made me laugh. The winner of this week's Freebie is:


I can send the gift card via email, so if you want to just confirm your email addy, Yan, I can send that off to you. Please shoot me a note at gerb (@) lindagerber (.) com.

Everyone else, come on back on Friday when Stacey Jay will be with us, with YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME. Bonus - Stacey is offering up a signed copy of the book and a YOU ARE SO DEAD TO ME t-shirt. You don't want to miss it!

Meanwhile, Yan's Single Ladies video links had me giggling. Kind of embarrassed for Joe Jonas, but loved the Justin Timberlake one. Have to say, though, one of my all time favorite Single Ladies dancers is this baby:

Or the football players in Glee:

ANYWAY, what's up this week?

Today's VETERAN'S DAY. My daughter's school did something awesome today - everyone in the building is wearing dogtags with a real serviceman's name, where and when s/he served (or is serving) and s/he's from. What a fantastic way to personalize this holiday and make the kids aware that there are real people in the service making sacrifices to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted every day. HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!

Tomorrow begins the final appeal for women ski jumpers to be allowed to compete in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Unbelievably, the IOC has continued its stubborn discriminatory stance that men can compete in Nordic Ski Jumping in the Olympics, but women cannot. Please send all your good vibes to Canada in hopes that the court will see things differently!

Happy Release Week to Margaret Peterson Haddix (CLAIM TO FAME), Julie Hearn (HAZEL), Debby Dahl Edwardson (BLESSING'S BEAD), David Almond (RAVEN SUMMER), Neal Schusterman (EVERWILD), Norma Howe (ANGEL IN VEGAS), Katherine Sturtevant (THE BROTHERS STORY), Margaret Mahey (THE MAGICIAN OF HOAD), Laurie Stolarz (DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS), Lucy Silag (THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICANS) and Lauren Kate (THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE)!

So many great books! Better start reading!!! See you Friday!