Friday, September 03, 2010

Freebie Friday with Moi!

September's TRANCE Countdown is all about the numbers.

Days until TRANCE hits the shelves

Days left in September to play

Ways to Enter

Chances to win

ARCS up for grabs

Amazon gift cards on the table

Cool custom engraved digital keychain


This month's grand prize is a $50 Amazon gift certificate and a custom-engraved digital photo keychain.

A second winner will also receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Each Friday, a signed TRANCE ARC, along with TRANCE bookmarks and a signed TRANCE cover flat is up for grabs.

How to enter:

1. Comment on any post on this blog this month. Each comment = 1 entry
2. Send your friends to the blog. Each mention from a visitor that you sent them = 1 entry
3. Tweet about the TRANCE countdown. Each tweet = 1 entry.
4. Post on myspace or facebook about the TRANCE countdown. Each post = 1 entry
5. Blog about the TRANCE countdown. Each blog post = 1 entry
6. Tweet about TRANCE. Each tweet = 1 entry
7. Post on myspace or facebook about TRANCE. Each post = 1 entry
8. Blog about TRANCE. Each blog post = 1 entry
9. Find the TRANCE reviews online (links in the sidebar) and leave a comment. Each review visited = 1 entry. (If you have reviewed TRANCE, thank you! You may count that as your entry.)
10. Change your profile picture on your blog, twitter, myspace or facebook account to the TRANCE cover. Each week this month that TRANCE is your profile picture = 2 entries.

Today's question: What is your favorite song, book, or movie that has a number (or the word "number") in the title? Leave a comment below for your chance to win this week's signed TRANCE ARC and to earn one entry in the month's grand prize drawings. The winner of the ARC will be drawn on Wednesday, September 8.