Friday, January 07, 2011

For Writers - Set SMARTER Goals

For most of us, a new year represents a fresh start - a chance to let go of not-great writing habits and set about creating new ones. As I've already mentioned, I wrote down exactly one resolution this year. But that doesn't mean I don't set tons of goals. I do. Here's a helpful acronym I've learned to help me reach those goals.

Make your goals SMARTER*:

  • Spe­cific - Specify your objective. Exactly what needs to be accomplished?
  • Mea­sur­able - Give yourself a way to track your progress. It's very motivating.
  • Achiev­able - Be realistic. Setting goals you can't meet is very demotivating.
  • Recorded - "A goal not written down is only a wish." Write it down!
  • Time-bound - Give yourself a specific deadline. Especially important for procrastinators like me.
  • Empowering - Be positive in your goal setting! Think do rather than don't.
  • Reviewed - Evaluating how you did with this goal will help you in setting the next.
For example, instead of setting vague goals like "Finish book", set SMARTER goals like "Write two pages on WIP each day." or "Edit ten pages of WIP this afternoon." or "Write with no interruptions for one hour."

Instead of "Find Agent", try "Query two new agents this week." You get the idea.

Best of success in reaching your writing goals!

* The SMART acronym is attributed to either Peter Drucker's 1956 book, "The Practice of Management" or Paul Meyer's 1965 "Personal Success Planner."

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Now go! Write!