Tuesday, January 03, 2012

For Writers - Help Wanted

It's January 4th already and I feel like the new year is finally starting. Winter Break has ended - today's the first day all the kids are back to school and my DH is back at work. Even so, this morning slipped away due to back-to-back doctor appointments, so I am just now sitting down to write... with only an hour to go before kids start getting home from school.

So this week, I'm turning the advice thing around. I need tips on getting back into the groove, managing time, and consolidating tasks. Anyone have any wisdom to share? Comment below, or shout out on twitter or facebook. I could use the push!

This week's links:

Weighing in on Weight (Under the Green Willow) Not a writing link, per se, but an excellent post by Rae Carson, whose book GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS was just nominated for the Cybils Award, and is an excellent read. CONGRATULATIONS, RAE, ON THE NOMINATION!!

Brave New World: The Stages of Indie Publishing (Beyond the Margins) Good info.

The Make or Break Part of Your Story - Story Fix (Part one) (Part two) Must read.

Farewell to Inky Girl on Writer's Market (Inky Girl) Worth a peek for the cartoon. : )

New Year's Wish (Neil Gaiman) "Make mistakes." Lovely.

Writing Through Writer's Block (Brave New Words)

What to do Before Your Book Debuts - Beyond the Margins (part one) (part two)

Evaluating and Setting Goals (Liberated Life Project) Good timing for this...

The Grand Finale (The Book Deal) On writing great endings.

Dealing with Rejection (Fiction Factor)

Head's Up! 10 Wake-up Calls for Writers in 2012 (The Prosperous Writer)

Mapmaking for Fantasy Authors (Fantasy Faction) Too fun.

Ugh... connection blip and blogger did not save. I love you guys, but I really do need to go write, so I will have to wait to repost the, like 30 other links I had up here. : ( We all should be writing and not procrastinating anyway, right? Sorry! @*#! blogger!

Now go. Write!