Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year - Reset!

Yes, I know it was yesterday, but Happy Chinese New Year anyway!

This is the Year of the Water Dragon, which Chinese astrologists say has the potential to be volatile and unpredictable... but also magical and even mystical. A perfect combination for writers and book lovers!

One of the cool things about the Chinese New Year falling toward the end of January is that all those of us who have already messed up on our resolutions have a chance to start over. No looking back. Just press reset and move forward!

In the spirit of resets, I'm moving the writing tip posts to Wednesday to coordinate with our Writers Butt program. Starting tomorrow, we'll have Writer Wednesday instead of Tip Tuesday. (Taking the Tuesday slot, in honor of my upcoming Lights, Camera, Cassidy series launch, we'll have Tuesday Travels instead.)

This week, to kick the new year off, I've got something special planned for our Writer Wednesday - I get to review Kate Coomb's beautiful new book, Hans My Hedgehog. AND I have a copy of Hans my Hedgehog to give away to a lucky reader. Be sure to check back tomorrow for that, and for loads and loads of links.

Now go get your New Year on and rock the water dragon!