Friday, June 19, 2009

Freebie Friday - Disconnected Edition

Happy Friday from Utah.

Today I had planned to bring you Tera Lynn Childs and a giveaway of GODDESS BOOTCAMP, but I had a little bit of a technical difficulty getting the interview questions... our Nebraska hotel's internet was knocked out by the tornado.

And get this - my kids and I drove right under the tornado before we knew what it was. We had just passed through Aurora, NE when drove under an umbrella-shaped mass of clouds that must have been a couple miles wide. We were watching the lightning and thinking how cool it all was when small cones starting to form and stretch downward and then dissipate. And then we noticed the rotation in the 'umbrella' and we thought, no way. Could it be a tornado? We were moving west and the storm was moving east so we drove out from under it in just a few minutes, but that was enough to get us really pumped. Just a few miles down the road, as we were trying to find a good rock station on the radio, we heard the tornado warnings. They were telling people in Aurora to seek shelter immediately, that a large tornado had touched down and was heading right toward them. And then we knew for sure what we had just passed under. Coolest. Thing. Ever.*

ANYWAY, Tera Lynn and the GODDESS BOOTCAMP giveaway has been rescheduled for next week's Freebie Friday, so don't miss it!

Meanwhile, we have no wireless this week and I am stealing time on my aunt's computer, so we'll make this week's freebie simple. Up for grabs is a $10 Barnes & Noble e-giftcard (to celebrate my B&N event next week with Aprilynne Pike and Syndey Salter!) To be entered to win, leave a message below telling me about your own coolest weather-related experience. The contest will remain open until Tuesday.

*Just so you know, there was some damage from the tornado that hit Aurora, but no one was hurt - at least that's what I understand from the online news I've read. Otherwise, we wouldn't think it was so cool.