Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Edition

On the iPod: Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers

And the winner of this week's freebie Reader's Choice giveaway is:

Sab H

Please send your book choices and mailing instructions to gerb (@) lindagerber (.) com and I'll get them sent off to you. Be sure to write "winner" in the subject header so you don't get lost in my inbox!

Everyone, thanks for playing! I loved the book recommendations and already my TBR pile is swelling out of control again. Which will likely lead to another book-clearing giveaway in the near future. Meanwhile, be sure to come back on Friday for another debut author freebie!

What's up this week?

M.T. Anderson has a new website. Love the steampunk feel.

Fiction still rules over digital at Bologna. (PW) Side note - Lenore reported the first TRANCE sighting at the Bologna Book Fair! Woot!

Turkey bans Number the Stars. (SLJ) I first became aware of the scope of the Armenian genocide when my dear friend and mentor Marsha Skrypuch wrote about it in her books Nobody's Child, Daughter of War, Aram's Choice and Call me Aram. Banning books will not rewrite history.

Runaway cyber tour begins today! (Meg Cabot's website)

Stephenie Meyer fans - her new novella is free to read for a limited time. (PW) Pencil in your reading time June 7-July 5!

One person can make the difference. (The Charlotte Observer) #savelibraries (

Sex in the City goes YA. (PW)
Castle rocks! Just had to throw this in here. Any other Castle fans out there? Did the Boom! episodes slay or what?

Happy Release Week to:
Judith Graves (UNDER MY SKIN), Rachel Roberts (AVALON), Caragh M. O'Brien (BIRTHMARKED), Beth Kephart (THE HEART IS NOT A SIZE), Rob Reger & Jessica Grunerby (STRANGER AND STRANGER: EMILY THE STRANGE), Ni-Ni Simone (TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR), Heather Tomlinson (TOADS AND DIAMONDS)