Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Vladimir Putin and Me

On the iPod - Halfway Gone by Lifehouse

Let Women Jump!

What do Vladimir Putin and I have in common? We both got this really cool brochure (in Russian!) from my friend Vic at WSJUSA and a fabulous ski jump pin that says 'Sochi 2014'.

Is it too early to start thinking about the 2014 Olympics? I don't think so. The women jumpers have been fighting for inclusion to the Winter Olympic Games for YEARS. They need all the support they can get. So I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to keep beating this drum. If you haven't shown your support for the women jumpers yet, please do. Visit the WSJUSA site right now. I'll wait.

2014 HAS to be the year. Anything else would be unacceptable. All the pathetic excuses the IOC has given to freeze them out won't work any more. Let's rally around the women and make it happen!

Lisa McMann:

Last night I met with the fabulous Lisa McMann at her signing in Cincinnati. We got to sit down and chat with Lauren from Shooting Stars Magazine and her beautiful sister Kari, the camerawoman. I'll tell you all about it on Friday when a signed copy of GONE is up for grabs on our return to FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Party Time!!!

We're celebrating our three-year birthday over at Teen Fiction Cafe this month! Be sure to stop by for cool posts and a whole ton of freebies from your favorite authors. Here's the lineup:

1st Sara Zarr, 2nd Wendy Toliver, 3rd Erica Orloff, 4th Alyson Noel, 5th Lauren Baratz-Logsted, 6th Stephanie Kuehnert, 7th Sara Hantz, 8th Kelly Parra, 9th Jessica Burkhart, 10th Meslissa Walker, 11th Kay Cassidy, 12th ME!, 13th Amanda Ashby, 15th - winners announced.

Happy Release Week!

Lauren Oliver (BEFORE I FALL), Rachel Hawkins (HEX HALL ), Susanne Dunlap (ANASTASIA'S SECRET), Jen Calonita (BROADWAY LIGHTS: SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE), Gemma Malley (THE RETURNERS ), Angela Morrison (SING ME TO SLEEP) and Teri Hall (THE LINE)!

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