Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol - Boys' Night

Well, this will show me. I was worried about the guys with Mariah Carey night, but they completely blew the girls out of the water. There might be something to what the judges kept saying about comparison - maybe the girls were judged harder because of how they stacked up against MC and the boys weren't. I don't know. I do know that the Davids and Jason were my favorites for the night.

I could have predicted David Archuleta would sing Miracles.
Good song choice for him because you can tell he really believes the message he's delivering. Very nice. And his hand on his heart afterwards... how cute is that?

David Cook once again proved he's a genius with Always Be My Baby. Who else could take a girly, bouncy song and make it dark and a little sad - and make it work? I might be over thinking the performance, but he changed the words a little ("You will linger on") and his brother was in the audience and... David cried. Was he singing to his brother? "You'll always be a part of me..." The thought made me get all teary.

And then there was Jason. I love him. He's just so goofy and laid back and phenomenal. Don't you just love watching him sing? He nailed I Don't Want to Cry. I'm sure it will be another big seller with iTunes. I know I'll download it.

I see Carly, Brook and Syesha in the bottom three tonight. Anyone else care to make a prediction?