Saturday, April 26, 2008

On the Road in Utah!

(Note: Contest winner announced in a post below...)

I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Utah. Hint: don't try this traveling stuff when you are on deadline. I'm just saying...

I truly believe Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. Just look at these mountains! Heaven.

In Park City, I met up once again with Vic Method (entrepreneur and patron saint of Women's Ski Jump USA) and Nikki Stone (Olympic gold medalist, motivational speaker and all around nice person.) Vic caught me up on all the latest IOC ski jump news and I am happy to report that Vancouver is not dead! Things are happening so keep your eye on Canada in the coming weeks for the drama. And look out for ESPN's upcoming report on women's ski jumping - airing the 18th of May, I believe. Go Vancouver 2010!

Nikki, meanwhile, is just a few weeks away from welcoming a new addition to her family. Awwww.

In Ogden, I was able to escape with author friend Wendy Toliver for sushi. It was so cool catching up with her - and she gave me this bottle of champagne to celebrate my latest sale, isn't that thoughtful? Such a class act. Wendy's the author of THE SECRET LIFE OF A TEENAGE SIREN and the upcoming (next year), MISS MATCH, and it sounds like she's got something very cool in the works as well... Keep an eye on her. She is one to watch for sure.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to be home to my own bed and my own computer and catching up on everything I missed while I was gone!