Thursday, July 31, 2008

Freakishly Fantastic Freebie Friday

Can you believe it's AUGUST??? I swear, this summer has gone by so fast! But it means that some stupendously exciting events are about to unfold...

For those of us anxiously awaiting the next book in Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT saga, BREAKING DAWN hits the shelves tomorrow!

Not only that, but the next book in Melissa Walker's VIOLET series, VIOLET BY DESIGN, makes its debut on Tuesday!

Wednesday, I get to join a fabulous group of authors for a book signing event at Books of Wonder in New York.

All this stupendousness calls for a celebration!!!!

So here's what I have for you this week...

In celebration of the VIOLET IN PRIVATE release, the fabulous Melissa Walker has donated all three VIOLET books for one lucky reader!!

In addition, to celebrate our upcoming event, the incomparable Claire Mysko has donated a copy of her book, YOU'RE AMAZING for another lucky reader!!

And, in celebration of the continuing TWILIGHT saga, I'm throwing in the A NEW DAWN anthology - edited by Ellen Hopkins - in which my essay on Quileute werewolves appears.

That's right. This week there will be three winners. For your shot at being one of them, here's what you need to do:

To be entered to win the VIOLET books, post an announcement on your blog, myspace, livejournal or facebook about the release on Tuesday and send me the link. You can get all the details about the books and the launch at Melissa's blog.

To be entered to win YOU'RE AMAZING, leave me a reply telling me what makes you amazing. Be sure to check out Claire's website.

To be entered to win A NEW DAWN, tell me how you will be spending your TWILIGHTish weekend...

Yes, in case you're wondering, you may enter three times to be considered for each one of the prizes! I told you it was freakishly fantastic.

This contest will remain open until after the signing event, Wednesday August 6.

Let the games begin!