Sunday, February 01, 2009

DUST OF 100 DOGS Release Day! Winner!

Happy, happy release day to Amy!!!!!!
If you all have not ordered on Amazon or reserved your copy at your local bookstore, do so now. That's okay... I'll wait.
Got it? Excellent.
And now, the winner of the DUST OF 100 DOGS Freebie Friday:
Please shoot me an email at gerb @ lindagerber . com with your snail mail address and let me know if you would prefer the dog earrings or the gift card.
Everyone else, thanks for your comments! Be sure to head over to the DUST of 100 DOGS online release party happening right now!
AND Reviewer X is running a celebratory contest of epic proportions in honor of Amy's release that you truly do not want to miss. I mean it. Check it out!

MEANWHILE, don't forget that you can still enter to win a signed copy of FAKETASTIC in the Freebie Friday contest with Alexa Young (below).
And keep those love life questions coming! Our distinguished panel of YA romance authors - Tina Ferraro, Simone Elkeles, Melissa Walker, Wendy Toliver and Moi will dish out advice and stories on romance and relationships and give away books and other mushy stuff in next week's LOVE FEST to celebrate Valentine's Day. Don't miss it!