Saturday, August 28, 2010

FF, or Saturday, or Whatever

This is kind of ironic. My planned post for this week's Freebie Friday was supposed to be about writing moms... the reality of being a mom who happens to be an author, how we balance our time, etc. And... I got caught in the vortex of mom responsibilities and didn't have time to post. Obviously, I don't balance the time all that well. So, I'll save that post and the input from my fellow mom authors for another time.

I'll tell you a true-life mom writer story, though. On Tuesday, our critique group met as usual, but since it was Margaret's release day, we also celebrate the launch of SABOTAGED.

Margaret, as you may know, is a celebrated NYT bestselling author. Very glamorous, right? Until... as we were leaving, Margaret got a call on her cell. It was her daughter. Reminding her to pick up cheese cubes on the way home.

It made me giggle, anyway. And introduces this week's freebie: a signed copy of Margaret Peterson Haddix's SABOTAGED. To be entered to win a copy, leave a note below, sharing your best time-management tip. Because obviously, I need it.

This drawing will remain open until Wednesday, September 1. You'll want to come back then because I will be participating in Gena Showalter's UNRAVELED blog hunt, and giving out a piece of the puzzle on Wednesday. Literally. Don't miss it.