Thursday, August 19, 2010


The winner of the ONLY YOU movie gift pack is:


Please send your mailing instructions to gerb @ lindagerber . com and we'll get that sent out to you. Be sure to put "winner" in the subject heading.

Everyone else, please come on back on Friday for a freebie featuring debut teen author, Riley Carney and her brand spanking new release, The Fire Stone.

What else is up?

Censorship is nasty and we won't put up with it. Ellen Hopkins was recently uninvited from a Texas book festival due to a complaint from a middle school librarian. I respect the librarian's right to decide she doesn't care to read Ellen Hopkins's edgy books. I respect her right to not listen to the presentation. But the minute any person or group denies the right for other people to decide what's best for them, that's censorship, and it's wrong. The only silver lining in this mess is the solidarity of the other YA authors who had been invited, who politely refuse to condone censorship by taking part in the festival.

THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD is making a comeback! So cool. I met Lynn Reid Banks a few years ago when she came to speak to our SCBWI group in Tokyo and she's a lovely, fascinating lady. Loved hearing from her how this book/series came about, and I'm excited to introduce it to another generation of readers.

Scholastic is looking for kid reporters. Do you know any 10-14 year old who would make a good reporter?

This week's video linkie for those of us who can't wait for CRESCENDO (coming October 19). Best Book Marketing Campaign Ever.