Friday, October 01, 2010

Party with Lisa Cach

Party girl Lisa Cach joins us next from the Pacific Northwest.

Lisa's the award-winning author of over twenty romantic novels and novellas. She's a world traveler and like me, she even lived in Japan for a time.

Her YA paranormal, WAKE UNTO ME, will hit the shelves in March, 2011. Here's the official blurb:

A haunted castle, a handsome young man dead for four hundred years, one heck of a scary portrait of a witch, and a treasure hunt -- not to mention a princess for a roommate! -- all await 15 year old American girl Caitlyn Monahan when she earns a scholarship to a French boarding school.

There are secrets behind the stone walls of Chateau de la Fortune, buried for centuries along with the mystery of who killed Raphael, the charming ghost who visits Caitlyn at night. But as Caitlyn unearths the history of the castle, nothing scares her as badly as the secret she learns about herself, and the reason she was chosen to come to the Fortune School.

And nothing breaks her heart as badly as falling in love with a dead guy.

Lisa's reading and reaction:

Your compound vibrations are eleven and twelve.

Eleven is a master number. It is associated with wisdom, intellect and spirituality. Elevens are altruistic, sensitive, artistic, visionary, idealistic, have a sense of community. Eleven can also be a warning of hidden dangers, treachery from others, or a person who has a great deal to contend with.

Lisa: If you translate ‘spirituality’ into ‘great enjoyment of playing with all ideas paranormal, everything from psychic abilities to ghosts to supernatural creatures,’ then that part fits, as does ‘intellect’: I very much enjoy the work of intricately plotting a story. All creative writing requires at least some wisdom, sensitivity and artistic vision. Other descriptors don’t seem to fit at all, though, like ‘idealistic.’ I’m too fascinated by hidden truths to have much interest in idealism. And I don’t think there’s much altruism in my writing.

Twelve is a higher octave of the number three*. It is considered to be the ancient number of completion and is an indicator of great understanding and creative capacity. Twelve can also foreshadow one being sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others.(* The number three indicates someone who is artistic, social, friendly, creative, sensitive, ambitious and intuitive.)

Lisa: Well of course I’d like to
believe that I have great understanding and creative capacity. Again, I think those are traits that all writers have to some degree. I hope I’m not “sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others,” though... although my characters might be. Heh.

Your name number is two.

The number two indicates someone who is empathetic, cooperative, considerate, but in some cases, co-dependent. Twos make good partners or diplomats.

Lisa: Empathy fits for most writers, as it’s how we imagine what a character will feel. Considerate and cooperative, yes, I try very much to be those, but part of the reason I try so hard is because I’m aware of the wild, determined beast that lurks beneath the surface. There’s a tension between those two sides that I like to draw on in my writing: what we think we should do to be good girls, versus what we really want to do, and what we end up doing. So I’d say that that part of the description covers only half the story. And co-dependent? My soul shudders. No.

Party on, Lisa!

You can learn more about Lisa Cach at

Today's party prize: An advanced readers copy of WAKE UNTO ME.