Sunday, October 03, 2010

Party with Melissa Francis

Welcome party girl, Melissa Francis!

Melissa is a agency sister. I got to meet her last year when we did the Books, Blood and Bones signing at Books-A-Million. If you ever get a chance to see her in person, take it. She'll keep you laughing. So will her books, BITE ME, and LOVE SUCKS. Melissa lives and writes in Arkansas and seriously does love the phrase "Woo Pig Sooie!"

Here's the official blurb about LOVE SUCKS:

AJ Ashe may have gotten rid of her vampire stalker and her evil ex-teacher, but things are hardly back to normal. For one thing, she still has to maintain a strict look-but-don't-touch policy with Ryan, her hot ex-boyfriend-turned-stepbrother. For another, she has to learn to control her vampire superpowers—which means more than a few dates with Lex, mind-reading professional vampire trainer and too-sexy-for-his-own-good bad boy. And as if that's not enough, she happens to be the key to her father's plans to take over the world . . . and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

All this and she's still got to plan the prom. Being a teenager is tough, but being a teenage vampire just flat out sucks!

Mel's reading:

Your compound value numbers are twenty and twenty three.
Twenty is called "the awakening" and can be interpreted as a call for action to some great purpose, cause or duty. Delays or obstacles to one's plans can be conquered through the development of the spiritual side of nature.

MF: When I started writing YA, one of the things I felt most strongly about was writing for kids and not for the adults. I didn't want everything I wrote to be heavy handed in the ways of right and wrong because what is the right choice for one person, isn't for the next. Honestly, it was almost like a calling for me, I felt so strongly about it. Now, is this truly a 'great purpose?' Nah. I'm not the Ghandi of YA Fiction. LOL But, I know as a kid, I felt that most YA was written by adults to teach kids morals. And as a kid, all I wanted was to be entertained (and I wanted the kids in the books I read to sound like kids not like my mother). That's my purpose in writing YA...great or not.
And for the record, the one thing I always do when I feel stuck or blocked? Take a walk with my camera and just let the beauty of nature refocus me. I'd say this is a pretty accurate start so far!

Twenty-three is called "the Royal Star of the Lion." A person with this influence enjoys a promise of success, and protection from those in high places. They are good persuaders and communicators. Their talents will be recognized.

MF: I'm a huge communicator and I had several professors in college tell me I should go to law school because I could convince a wall it was a lamp post. Not sure if I'm enjoying the promise of success, but I'm hopeful!

Your name number vibration is seven.
The number seven indicates someone who is intuitive and introspective, philosophical and spiritual. They will seek answers about their existence and things unseen. Sevens are happiest near water. They can be witty and composed in front of large groups. They often have terrific imaginations and make good entertainers, actors and writers

MF: I'd say since I write fiction, that this reading is dead on. I've always had a vivid imagination. My favorite past time is daydreaming. I do tend to be very intuitive, to the dismay of many of my friends. I read people pretty well overall, but I 'm also easily hurt because I want to see the good in everyone. (I'm a freaking Pollyanna.) Water centers and calms me like nothing else on earth and I can't wait to live next to it again. Ten year plan--me and the beach, baby!
I'm pretty impressed with how accurate this is overall!

You can find more about Melissa at

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