Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yes! It's finally here! Sing with me now...

Happy release day to Aphra,
Happy release day to Seth,
Happy release day to Ry-an.
Happy release day to the Mole!

Welcome to the release party for DEATH BY DENIM!!!

We're doing this one a little differently, so pay attention:

* The blog party will run today, tomorrow and Saturday, during which time I'll put up a new post every few hours.

* Each post will feature a giveaway drawing that you may enter by posting a comment at the end of the post. These drawings will remain open until Tuesday, May 19th

* At the end of the day, I will also draw one name to win a Deadly Denim prize bag featuring skull and cross bone accessories, French and Italian treats, a signed copy of DEATH BY DENIM and more. (I'll post a picture of this as soon as I get a new cord so I can upload it from my camera! *grumble, grumble, grumble dog!*) The winner of the daily prizes will be announced the following day.

* At the end of the party, I will draw one name to win the Grand Prize, which features the Deadly Denim bag above, but with all three DEATH BY... books, gift cards, and more. This drawing will remain open until Tuesday, May 19th.

* You get one entry for every comment you leave.

* You can earn bonus entries two ways:
1. Bring a friend to the party. (Your friend should mention you sent them so I can apply the extra entry to you.)
2. Post about the party on your blog, facebook, myspace or twitter. (leave me a note, letting me know, to earn the extra entry.)

Got it? Good! So let's party!!! I'll start it off... Today we're going to be talking denim, as in favorite jeans. Do you have a pair? Are yours to die for? Bwa-ha-ha!

I've had a love affair with denim for years. I remember the first time I had my own money to buy some school clothes. My mom strongly suggested I shop at the sale they were having at the old ZCMI. I could have gotten three pair of ordinary pants with the money I had. What did I buy instead? One fabulous pair of jeans. I loved those jeans. The style was called 'saddleback' and everyone in my school was wearing them. They fit tight across the butt and had flared legs so that your feet were completely covered with the fabric. I felt so 'in'!

How about you? Tell me about your first favorite pair of denims and you will be entered to win a signed copy of DEATH BY DENIM!