Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tera Lynn Childs comes to the party!

Yay! Tera Lynn Childs is here to party with us! Tera Lyn is the author of OH. MY. GODS. and the upcoming GODDESS BOOT CAMP. This week she's celebrating the release of the paperback edition of OH. MY. GODS. (I love the PB cover!)

When I was in junior high, torn jeans were all the rage. Everyone from Jon Bon Jovi to the most popular girl in school had jeans if various stages of shred—from one big slash below the back pocket to dozens of holes up and down the legs. Everyone wore holey jeans ... except for me. Maybe it was my mom's background as a costumer, but she just could not fathom the appeal of ripping a hole into a pair of perfectly good jeans.

One day, I got home from school while my parents were still at work, and I discovered that the knee of my favorite jeans had a tiny little hole worn through. This was the opportunity I'd been waiting for! I called my mom at work, told her about the tear, and asked her if I could go ahead and cut across the whole knee from that little hole. Minutes later, I'd snipped the knee and started pulling at the edges to give it that frayed, authentically-worn-through look.

When my mom got home she flipped! Apparently, in my excitement I'd neglected to listen to her answer to my question—which had been, quite obviously, “No.” Score one for selective hearing. I got in a little trouble, but every time I played with the frayed edges of that hole when I got bored in class (aka frequently) I knew my accidental rebellion had been worth it. To this day, those were my favorite (and most memorable) pair of jeans.

So let's have a little hot-or-not poll. Are torn jeans awesome ... or appalling?

To be entered to win a copy of the new paperback OH. MY. GODS., leave a reply answering Tera Lynn's question.