Thursday, May 14, 2009

Melissa Walker Joins the Party!

Our next party guest is the beautiful Melissa Walker, author of the VIOLET series and the newly-released LOVESTRUCK SUMMER. Melissa does the great cover series that I love so much on her blog, and she also blogs with Readergirlz and co-founded the fabulous I Heart Daily. AND, in case you didn't already enter, she's running a release celebration contest of her own with Susanne Colasanti thru the end of May. Check it out!
My Perfects Jeans

I have a favorite pair of jeans. They're Levi's 505s, and I found them at a thrift store in North Carolina when I was 22. When I tried them on, my friend Ruthie said, "Oh yeah, those are winners." My legs looked long, my butt looked tight. Score.

Through the years, these jeans have been worn to the point of, well, being really worn. Holes started to crop up, and my roommate's mom sewed patches all over these things. But yes, I still wear them. I can't give them up--though they look kind of crazy now--and they stopped making this style. I've never found a pair like them since!

So, do you have a pair of unequaled jeans? I hope so. Do tell.
To be entered to win a copy of LOVESTRUCK SUMMER, leave a comment before telling about your unequaled jeans, real or fantasy!