Friday, May 15, 2009

Kelly Parra Comes to Party!

Please give a huge party welcome to Kelly Parra, author of the very popular and award-winning Latina novel GRAFFITI GIRL and the more recent, and also popular and award winning INVISIBLE TOUCH! Kelly's a TeenFictionCafe sister and co-founder of YA Fresh.

Many thanks for Linda for inviting me to join her cyber launch party for DEATH BY DENIM!!
So we're talking denim jeans...

There have been many jean styles in my day. Sadly, in grade school there was the peg leg, where you folded your straight legged jean tight against your leg and pinned it with three safety pins up the front to your knee, or folded them at the bottom. heh-heh-heh. In junior high, it was acid wash jeans. I had the acid wash jeans and the jacket to match! I hear acid wash jeans are popular in some foreign countries.

Then in high school, it was the wide leg jeans. Almost like bell bottoms, but more boot cut that they still sell today and I still buy! This is the style of jean I probably will always stick with.

My favorite jeans are from the sales rack from Gap. Wide leg carpenter style pants. Worn out after a 100 washes, fraying at the leg bottoms because they're a little too long and I've stepped on them too many times to count. They are the kind of jeans you can wear to a baseball game, grocery store, and most definitely to sit at the computer to write. Nice and comfy.

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