Thursday, May 15, 2008


A Beachy Top 5

In honor of the release of Linda Gerber’s DEATH BY BIKINI, I present to you:

The Top 5 Reasons I Love a Beach Read

5. Because although it’s great to read the newspaper
every day and tackle sprawling New Yorker stories,
sometimes I just want a little romance and mystery to
escape into.

4. Because I need a cute cover to go with my hot
bikini, and beach reads always have the best covers.
(Just look at that cover for Death By Bikini!)

3. Because I want a book I can breeze through joyfully
during a weekend trip—not one that takes me a month to

2. Because I’ve always wanted to be the kind of girl
who finds herself IN a beach read adventure, and those
paperback pages are as close as I’ve gotten… so far.

1. Because sometimes, when I’m reading hugely literary
works, I need a dictionary. And my beach bag SO does
not have room for a dictionary.

Now, if you tell me one reason you love a beach read,
I’ll pick a commenter below to win a signed copy of my
first book, Violet on the Runway! (You can read more
about me and the book at I’ll
choose a winner next Wednesday, which will be
announced both here and on my site. Good luck!