Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Idol Highs and Lows

Yo, yo, yo, so check it out, dawg. This was a weird night on American Idol. Syesha really shined; she's starting to look like a contender. No surprise that David A was great. Would have preferred that David C didn't take Baba OReiley quite so slow for so long, but he was in his element. But alas, poor Jason Castro. Dude, it wasn't good, man. I'm so disappointed... I really thought he would bring it. He did seem to be enjoying himself with the Bob Marley arrangement of I Shot the Sheriff, but even so, it wasn't great. And then he flubbed the words in Tambourine Man. And it's like he didn't care. Seriously. Maybe he's just ready to go home.
Good thing. 'Cause he probably is...

Added Wednesday: Have you ever seen a contestant look quite so happy to be leaving? He looked relieved when Seacrest announced Syesha was safe.