Saturday, May 17, 2008

BIKINI FINALE # 3 Keri Mikulski

Dangerous Summer Romance? Not Quite

The words, dangerous summer romance, are filled with intrigue and scandal. Did this happen to me? Not exactly, unless you count the sizzling summer night when I rode on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle when I was sixteen and he was underage and unlicensed. His parents were away, so he ‘borrowed’ his dad’s bike and picked me up at a party. It was amazing. We rode around town all night or at least until my ten o’clock curfew.

Since that’s as close as I’ve ever came to participating in a dangerous summer romance, I’m going to choose the top three guys that I’d like to have a dangerous summer romance with (besides of course my wonderful hubby). Check out the winners.

1. Derek Jeter – During the summer, he’s a bit busy with baseball, so it might not exactly be dangerous, unless I get hit with a foul ball while I’m watching him play or get trampled on by the million girls who want to get near him.

2. Ultimate Fighter Wrestler – They’re rough and tough and certainly capable of getting into all sorts of danger. I bet at least one of them has a motorcycle. Yummy.

3.Brady Quinn – Now this athlete would be available. Footballers only practice during the summer months. But, how would it be dangerous? Hmm. I guess I would be considered a cougar with Quinn, since I’m ten years his senior. Since, I’m a preying animal, it would definitely be considered dangerous. J

Who would you pick to have a dangerous summer romance with? In honor of Gerb’s launch of DEATH BY BIKINI, I’m going to giveaway a signed copy of my semi dangerous summer romance novel, SCREWBALL, to one lucky commenter who tells me who they would like to have a dangerous summer romance with. Happy summer! J