Friday, May 23, 2008

Freebie Friday!

What's up y'all? This is not Linda Gerber, it's her son Clark. My mom had to be at a school visit this morning, so she called me up at work and I told her I'd post something for her. Before we get down to business, I would first like to say that I was shocked and horrified to see Derek Jeter at the top of my mom's list of "Dangerous Summer Romances". As a Yankee-hater (not a Yankeefan-hater btw), I HATE Derek Jeter. Maybe you ladies think he's cute or whatever, but that would not be OK with me. The other guy on that list that cracked me up was Brady Quinn. Who is my mom kidding? Brady Quinn is, like, 24. That would make my mom more than 10 years his senior. Nice try mommy...

OK let's move on cuz I'm starting to get creeped out.
Anyway, it's Friday today so that means my mom gives away free stuff. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I imagine some of you have done this before. HOWEVER, since I'm runnin the show today, I've decided that we're gonna change things up this week... Pretend for a second that Death By Bikini is made into a movie. Who should play each character in the movie? And please don't say Lindsay Lohan as Aphra Connolly.
My mom will be back this evening to check out your cast lists.
Leave your entry for a chance at winning! (Pretty dang exciting, huh?)

If you haven't read the book yet, just name who you would cast in a book that hasn't been made into a movie yet.

Edited to add: Thanks to my assistant, Clark. I managed to get online during the lunch break at the school and laughed out loud when I saw this post. I would just like to clarify that the summer romance list was not mine; I was just approving of the selections. So there. Meanwhile for those who have already read DEATH BY BIKINI, if your name is drawn this week, you may receive a copy of A NEW DAWN, the Borders Exclusive anthology about the TWILIGHT series.

Thanks and have a fabulous holiday weekend! Party safe!!!