Thursday, May 15, 2008


There are many mysteries associated with bikinis, the most common of which is how a person might possibly look good in one. Linda Gerber's tropical beach-based adventure, DEATH BY BIKINI addresses much more intriguing questions relating, not only to bikinis, but to secret resorts, inexplicable boys, and death threats. Still, maybe this little poem will whet your appetite... not for food, that is, but for cool new books with the word "bikini" in the title! (The words "by" and "death" might also appear, but not necessarily in that order.)

Ode to a Bikini

Oh Bikini, with your scraps

of bright color like popsicles dripping,

your small triangles and thin straps—

Bikini, why can’t you cover

just a little bit more of me

without losing your adorable cut?

As it is, you don’t even begin

to span my unbeachworthy butt.

Why weren’t you around, Bikini,

when I was getting round,

feasting on way too much pizza

and ice cream and chocolate and linguini?

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